Fundraising – How Can I Help?

In Person

Our Group raises fund in a number of ways. Throughout the year, all members are given the opportunity to plan and participate in Group events such as bag-packs, bingo nights, race nights and gala days. These are fun, family activities which are open to members, families and the often the wider community. Details of these are always sent out on Group news emails, and members are actively encouraged to participate.

Terracycling Recycling

Help the environment as well as our Group by recycling a range of plastic packaging and items. Items we accept include individual crisp packets (but not multipack outer wrappers), roll-on deodorant bottles, pet food packaging, Pringles cans and more…

The list of what we can accept is updated regularly and can be found at the Hut, online in our Facebook group, on request from a Leader, and is also emailed out periodically along with other updates; it will also be available soon on our website. Please bring your items to the Hut and sort them into the trays at the back of the hall.


We use online fundraising to make life as easy as possible for everyone…if you shop online, you can raise funds for free at the same time! We are registered with the following providers:


We are registered with Wonderful and have a permanent online fundraising page, which you can find at the link above. This page can be used to make donations in support of specific events, such as Akela’s Challenges, or if you’d like to help but can’t make it to an event, you can still support us by donating here (AKA ‘how to live guilt-free if you can’t make it to the Bagpack this time!’)


Raising money with Easyfundraising is free and simple. Just use the link above to register with Easyfundraising, then visit the Easyfundraising site before shopping online.

You can find hundreds of retailers through the site, and once you’ve found the one you want, click through from Easyfundraising to access the retailer. Easyfundraising will then make a free donation to our Group (the amount varies depending on the retailer), and there will often be special offers and rates available from retailers, which can be selected when the retailer is located on Easyfundraising.
If you’d like more information before signing up, there is a short video which explains how it all works:

Almost a quarter of our Group has signed up so far, and raised over £1000…for free!

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile works in a very similar way to Easyfundraising – simply log in to the Amazon Smile site before shopping, and a free donation of 0.5% will be made to your chosen charity from all eligible purchases.
Further information about Amazon Smile can be found here:


Each time you search for something online, visit Easysearch first and we’ll receive a free donation for each search link you click to follow!

Other Opportunities

Other events may be planned, and members can make a donation to, or sponsor, these events as they are carried out. Examples of these include Akela’s ongoing outdoors activities, many of which you will know about if you are a member of our Facebook group. Donations and sponsorship for these can be given in person at a Section meeting as well as through our ‘Wonderful’ donation page.

All money raised through our fundraising activities helps towards the running of our popular and well-loved Scout Group. We are fortunate to have our own headquarters, but the Hut needs constant upkeep and maintenance, and we are currently fundraising to rebuild a modern HQ which will better facilitate the wide range of activities we offer.

If you would like further information about any of our fundraising work, or would like to contribute to this (time, ideas and participation are as welcome as financial donations!), please come along to our Executive Committee meetings. These are held once a month and offer great opportunities to become involved with the Group – contact the Group Scout Leader (Jane McDermott) or a Section Leader for more information.

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